These parts are included in the micro:bit

The micro:bit is only the size of a card, but it can do a lot of things. It has built-in temperature, light and orientation sensors, as well as Bluetooth device, Micro USB interface. Not only that, it also has a row of pins that can be connected to various sensors. Therefore, the micro:bit can do all kinds of interesting experiments.

The left side of the above picture is the back of the V1 micro:bit board, and the right picture is the back of the V2 micro:bit board.

1.Radio Antennas and Bluetooth Antennas
2.CPU and temperature sensor
5.pin position
6.Micro USB socket
7.yellow LED
8.reset button
9.battery socket
10.USB interface chip
12.radio microphone
13.Red Power LED
14.Yellow USB LED
15.Reset and power buttons

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